Blowin' in the Wind:
Growing Clematis in Windy Areas


Growing clematis in windy areas without suffering a lot of damage to delicate stems, leaves and flowers is one of the trickier problems gardeners face. While there are no perfect solutions, we've found some techniques that help.

The first is to grow clematis in sturdy shrubs, which provide both support and protection. Read 'Planting Clematis on Shrubs' to find out more.

The second solution is to create a three-dimensional space (like a box) for your clematis.

Clematis supports

Obelisks enclose the plant from all sides and give it a great deal of protection. You can wrap the obelisk in bird netting or chicken wire for even more support. Never fear, clematis can find their way through even the small holes in bird netting and the leaves will hide just about anything you use for wrapping.

CLematis supports

Trellises, on the other hand, are two dimensional (having height and width, but not depth) and often won't provide enough protection when the weather gets carried away. Clematis, especially the larger varieties, will literally tear away from a trellis in high winds. The same applies to wire on a fence or building.

The solution? Take more of that same bird netting or wire and loosely wrap it from one side of the trellis, around the plant and attach it on the other side of the trellis. You will have, in effect, created a three dimensional structure to support and protect your clematis.