Five Easy Steps to Success with Clematis

Keep the tag that comes with your clematis.
It contains helpful information that you may
need to refer to in the future!

1. Dig a Large Hole

Step 1

Dig a hole about the size of a bushel basket. Yes, we know
that's way bigger than the plant's root system. Trust us!

2. Add Lots of Good Stuff

Step 2

Mix the soil you have removed from the hole with 10 pounds
or so of good quality compost.
Add a handful or two of Biotone to the mixture.
Replace the enriched soil mixture in the hole.
You can include Biotone
with your clematis order at no additional shipping charge!

3. Plant Your Clematis

Step 3

Make a hole in this soil mixture big enough to hold the root ball.
Fill this hole with water; wait while it drains out. Place the
clematis in the hole, 2 to 3 inches deeper than it was in its pot

4. Water, Water, Water

Step 4

Fill around the clematis with the soil mixture you removed.
Water again with a gallon of water to settle the soil in place.

5. Keep Your Clematis Well Watered

Step 5

Young vines need at least an inch of water a week and
if Mother Nature doesn't provide it, you'll have to.

First year they sleep,
Second year they creep,
Third year they leap!