Tools for Growing Great Clematis

Free shiping on these tools when ordered with clematis plants.
Want just the tools? We'll send an invoice for the shipping.
Our Handcrafted Herbal Soaps also ship for free with your clematis order!

Bio Tone 5 oz

Enough Bio Tone to plant one clematis.
Free shipping when ordered with clematis plants.

Garden Markers

The longest lasting garden markers we've ever found - they far outlast Sharpies! Good for other uses as well. Free shipping when ordered with clematis plants.

Bypass Pruners

These small pruners are designed with an ergonomic grip will reduce the strain on your hands while doing garden cleanup. These are a good quality pruner at a very reasonable price - and shipping is free with your clematis order.

Harvest Shears

Our go to tool for pruning clematis! These small shears will handle most spring clematis pruning along with tidying plants up during the summer. The orange handles make them easy to spot among the greenery. Free shipping with your clematis order!

Moisture Meter

Clematis need lots of water and this inexpensive moisture meter will help you know when you need to water. No batteries needed - just plug it into the soil and it will do its thing! Free shipping when ordered with clematis plants.