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Hummingbird Farm is a family owned small business located in Central Maine, on the border of Zones 4 and 5. We grow and sell only clematis and strive to provide both a great selection of plants and all the information you need to grow them successfully. Although we sell to all US states, we specialize in clematis for the colder areas of the country.
Hummingbird Farm is a Watchdog 30 Company!

Ordering for 2019 is now open!

All clematis are 19.99 and shipping charges remain the same as in 2018, despite rate increases by the US Postal Service. We will begin shipping your plants in late April.

You can choose from more clematis than ever this year - and if you need help deciding which varieties to add, we're got you covered! Please read our guide, "Picking the Clematis That's Right for You"!

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We ship to US addresses only.
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Picking the Clematis That's Right for You!
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Please Read Before Ordering

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